The engineering service contracting is “WARA Corp” ’s core business. “WARA Corp” provides total machinery & equipment fabrication our mission is to deliver engineered solution to meet customer’s needs. “WARA Corp” shall commit to contracted performance; this means “WARA Corp” will deliver the highest possible output at the highest quality and highest availability or a pre-determined cost. Contracted performance creates a win-win relationship driven by aligned goals. Contracted performance changes “WARA Corp” ’s focus to improving performance and mitigating risk with guarantee availability, reliability output. The customer pays for the value delivered rather than for individual parts, services or repairs.

“WARA Corp” ’s success is attributable to its ability to help customer cost effectively by improve the overall performance of customer’s manufacturing ability. “WARA Corp” has positioned itself to do this through its:

“A combination of fast growing business, recent introduction of leading edge fabrication & installation and unique fast customer responsiveness offers exceptional promise for the future”

•  Market Presence

•  Broad range of fabrication works

•  Highly trained technical field personnel

•  Long-term customer focus

This approach enables its customers to improve equipment performance and significantly increasing overall profitability “WARA Corp” ’s short term strategy is to focus on building and strengthening its core business, which has always performed well. In the long term, “WARA Corp” is well placed as one of the potential contracting companies to take advance of opportunities that may arise in the industry sectors. “WARA Corp” ’s vision is to supply its medium-large sized customer for the complete machinery & equipment fabrication.


Our Company Business Scope

1 Machinery  fabrication

2 Pressure containing equipment fabrication

3. Material supply

  - Pipe & fitting

  - Special alloy plate, rod and forging form

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